Show Your GI Symptoms Who's Boss

Leverage functional lab testing and personalized nutrition to heal your gut and reclaim your life

Does this sound like you?

      • You desperately want to find out which foods are triggering your symptoms.
      • You’ve tried elimination diets, food journals, specialist visits, medical tests, prescription meds, vitamins, etc.  Nothing seems to help!
      • You want to be able to leave your house without constantly worrying about the location of the nearest restroom.
      • You want to enjoy food without wondering if it will make you sick.
      • You want to make it through the workday without feeling drained.
      • You want to spend quality time with your kids and not be distracted by stomach issues.
      • You want to get rid of bloat, skin inflammation, and extra weight.
      • You’re sick of wasting time and money on specialists who don’t know how to help you.  (Or worse yet, healthcare providers who make you feel like it’s all in your head.)
      • You don’t know what the heck to eat anymore.  You did your research but there is too much conflicting information to sort through on your own.  It’s exhausting!

You deserve a dietitian who listens to you
and a plan that works.

Meet Alyssa

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